FLYLEAF CLOTHING, instigated its journey with a vision of becoming the most recognized knitwear manufacturer of the country as well as to take the widely known reputation of INDIA as a global leader to a new highly offering the best blend of quality and efficiency.

FLYLEAF CLOTHING , has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled management team,workforce, and integrated sophisticated technologies in order to become globally competitive.

Our painstaking efforts to reengineer each steps of FLYLEAF CLOTHING ,value chain procurement,production process and planning , workforce productivity & efficiency, technologies and turned them into core competencies have paid off.

   Our current export market covers United Kingdom , United States of America , France, Germany, Italy & Poland in Europe. Over a decade long relationship with its client s ,FLYLEAF CLOTHING, has proven that it is not just products what their clients get, but a long term value addition that comes bundled always.